Mage - Weefolk

Starting Resources: 7 Base Mines and 6 Base Powerstones

Usable Items (UI): Miscellaneous / Mage

Life Points (LP): 2

Skill Level (SL): 35

Innate Ability: Alchemy 3 to 1 - convert 3 gold pieces to 1 power point or vice versa on any turn. Cast a Spell Skill 20 Powerbolt for 3 power points any turn. Cast a Spell Skill 20 (Items) / 15 (Relics) Shatter for 3 power points on your turn. Cast a Protection Level 20 Shield on any creature, any turn for 3 power points.

Origin: Weefolk are remarkably adept at mining and power use. They make their homes in the foothills of the kingdom Thersul. Often, people speak of the Weefolk's hospitality as being similar to that of a king's court. Although they are non-violent, the Weefolk have an ongoing war with the Orcs. In the ancient times, Weefolk were easy prey for Orc warriors. They were enslaved and forced to work in the Orcish mines until they died. With the Weefolk and Human alliance solidly forged, the Orcs are on the run. This leaves the Weefolk to live in relative peace.

Usable Items (UI): Structure

Integrity Points (IP): 2

Defense Level (DL): 50

Innate Ability: The Tower protects the Mage from most forms of Targeted, Directed and Melee attacks. It allows the Mage to oversee his army, invoke Spells, Scrolls and utilize equipped Items and controlled Relics from the saftey of the Tower. Although the Mage can step out of their Tower during the game, this is a life threatening move... All Towers have the same stats; the reason for this is that you can customize the Tower with Items and Relics. Choose a Tower that floats you boat and siege on!