Scroll - Shelter

Play Cost: * (5 or 9) power points

Innate Ability: * pp = Creates a temporary Shelter on the Battlefield. One creature may occupy the structure and will be protected from all forms of attack. The Shelter remains in play until it is destroyed. 5pp = 1 IP (5 power points = 1 Integrity Point) / 9pp = 2 IP (9 power points = 2 Integrity Points)

Play Notes: This Scroll’s effects come directly in play and can be cast on any turn. Depending on the amount of Power points paid at the time of casting will determine how much damage it can withstand. This Scroll can save your Mage’s life, because a mage on the battlefield is soon a dead

This card is available in:

Mage! This is a great Scroll to hang on to if you get booted out of your Tower or cast it on a valuable Minion or other creature that needs protecting! Use a Marker in the lower left corner to indicate a second Integrity Point.