Relic - Sarcophagus

Play Cost: 4 gold pieces and 4 power points

Relic Location: Battlefield

Innate Ability: 4pp (4 power points) = Place 1 slain Minion per turn in the Sarcophagus. The Minion will be resurrected on the following Round and will be fully utililizable.

Play Notes: The Sarcophagus is used to heal a defeated Minion. The Minion would normally be discarded, but is now usable at the begining of your next turn. When used in conjunction with the Altar of Power, this combination is very lucrative for generating power points. An example of

This card is available in:

this combination would be to sacrfice a Dragon on the Altar of Power and you’d recieve 16 power points. Use 4 of those power points and put the dragon in the sarcophagus. This leaves you 12 power points to spend during your turn! The only thing to stop you from doing this every turn is your opponent destroying one of these 2 Relics.