Spell - Raze

Play Cost: 4 gold piecess

Innate Ability: Raze costs 3pp (3 power points) / AT (any turn) and gives the Mage a SS20 (Spell Skill 20) chance of destroying 1 Target Mine or Powerstone. This spell may only be cast on Mines and Powerstones that have a Resistance Level. This Spell may be cast as many times as the Mage’s resources will allow per turn.

Play Notes: This Spell comes directly in play and will stay in play for the remainder of the game. Your Mage may cast Raze for 3 power points per attempt on any turn (yours or your opponents). The spell can hamper your opponent’s ability to build an effective counter to your forces. Using this Spell on an opponet’s turn may stop them from casting a
nasty Spell or Scroll or buying that needed component.

This card is available in: