Minion - Priest

Play Cost: 4 gold pieces

Usable Minions: Unlimited

Innate Ability: The Priest may attack or recover Minions from your discard pile. Successful attempts will result in the Minion returning to the player’s hand, where it can be purchased and put back into play. 1gp=1 IS20 chance of recovering a single Minion. 2gp=IS25, 3gp=IS30, 4gp=IS35, 5gp=IS40, 6gp=IS45, 7gp=IS50, 8gp=IS55, 9gp=IS60, 10gp=IS65.

Play Notes: When the Priest is in play on your turn, he can either attack an opponent or you can pay 2-10 gold pieces and attempt to recover any Minion(s) of choice from your discard pile. The more gold

This card is available in:

you pay the Priest, the better his chance for recovery. Equipping the Priest with a Innate Skill enhancing item such as the Ring of Skill will give him an even better chance to get your Minion(s) back. You can make several attempts per turn as long as you have the gold to pay.