Relic - Librahm of Sorcery

Play Cost: 2 gold pieces and 2 power points

Relic Location: Structure

Innate Ability: 2gp (2 gold peices) = Any Scroll from your Market Place may be put into the Librahm until purchased or discarded. The Librahm of Sorcery may only hold one Scroll at a time. Scrolls may be placed under this card to mask their identity.

Play Notes: The Librahm of Sorcery is used to hang on to a Scroll that you may not be able to afford when drawn, but that you donít want to discard. This Relic is located in a structure and cannot be directly targeted unless

This card is available in:

the surrounding structure is first destroyed. The Librahm will go into the first available usable structure if one was not available when this card was brought into play. If the Librahm of Sorcery is damaged or destroyed, any Scroll located in the Librahm of Sorcery must be discarded. After you purchase the Librahm of Sorcery it must be placed on the Caravan and is usable on your following turn.