Minion - Hill Giant

Play Cost: 7 gold pieces

Usable Items: Oddities

Innate Ability: The Hill Giant may Club Strike Creatures and Structures / OT. 1pp=+5AL, 2pp=+10AL, 3pp=+15AL,  4pp=+20AL, 5pp=+25AL, 6pp=+30AL, 8pp=+35AL / -5 Defenders DL, 10pp=+40AL / -10DL, 12pp=+45AL / -15DL.

Play Notes: When the Hill Giant is in play on your turn, you can pay 1-12 power points and the Hill Giant will Club Strike. Club Strike is a power attack that increases the Hill Giants Attack Level and chance of hitting its opponent.

This card is available in:

When you pay 8-12 power points for the Club Strike, the Hill Giantís opponent starts losing ability to defend. Paying 12 power points will give the Hill Giant an 85 Attack Level and cause his opponent to be at -15 to its Defense Level. Use a Marker to indicate a Club Strike.