Mage - Galwan

Starting Resources: 6 Base Mines and 6 Base Powerstones

Usable Items (UI): Miscellaneous / Mage

Life Points (LP): 2

Skill Level (SL): 40

Innate Ability: Alchemy 3 to 1 - convert 3 gold pieces to 1 power point or vice versa on any turn. Cast a Spell Skill 20 Powerbolt for 3 power points any turn. Cast a Spell Skill 20 (Items) / 15 (Relics) Shatter for 3 power points on your turn. Cast a Protection Level 20 Shield on any creature, any turn for 3 power points.

Origin: Galwan are a decidedly solitary race. The Galwan have formed the kingdom of Ackar and even to this day not much is known of their race except that they prefer the depths of lakes and oceans to dwelling on land. To other races, being taken to a Galwan city is one of the highest honors that may be bestowed upon another race. The Galwan have not changed their stance and still prefer to stay out of the affairs of the other races.

Usable Items (UI): Structure

Integrity Points (IP): 2

Defense Level (DL): 50

Innate Ability: The Tower protects the Mage from most forms of Targeted, Directed and Melee attacks. It allows the Mage to oversee his army, invoke Spells, Scrolls and utilize equipped Items and controlled Relics from the saftey of the Tower. Although the Mage can step out of their Tower during the game, this is a life threatening move... All Towers have the same stats; the reason for this is that you can customize the Tower with Items and Relics. Choose a Tower that floats you boat and siege on!