Scroll - Fire & Brimstone

Play Cost: 13 power points

Innate Ability: 13pp = All opponent creatures and structures on the Battlefield must resist the Fire & Brimstone at +15 Resistance Level or take 1 point of damage. Creatures and structures with more than 1 Life / Integrity Point must roll their Resistance Level for each additional one.

Play Notes: This Scroll’s effects come directly in play. The power of the Fire and Brimstone is unequalled in Tower Siege for the potential amount of damage that can be reaped upon your opponents. This scroll affects all opponents. If playing Tower Siege with an ally, this scroll will not affect players on your team. This Scroll is nicknamed the game winner... Although a lot of bad rolls need to be made, this spell has
the chance to take out all opponents in one swift blow!

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