Expansion Details

Tower Siege 15 Card Deck Expansions

Elemental Adversaries
     - Amulet of Spell Casting
     - Apprentice
     - Arromus
     - Boiling Oil
     - Divine Light
     - Electrum Coin
     - Hidden Powerstone
     - Librahm of Sorcery

     - Lore Stone
     - Marketplace Mine
     - Priest
     - Raze
     - Shelter
     - Roklor
     - Vein of Gold

Unleash the power of Elemental Adversaries on your opponents. Engage Roklor the Earth Elemental with a tunneling attack or two stone throws... Release whirlwind attacks with Arromus the Air Elemental... Explore the possibilities of the this great expansion!

Fiendish Foes
     - Adventurerís Guild
     - Arcanium Stone
     - Barbarian
     - Battle Axe
     - Blood Lust
     - Exorcist
     - Fire & Brimstone
     - Hidden Mine

     - Hill Giant
     - Marketplace Mine
     - Merchant
     - Platinum Coin
     - Power Surge
     - Ring of Resistance
     - Sarcophagus

Rage against your opponents with the explosive Barbarian. Crush their puny minions with your mighty Hill Giant and utterly destroy them with the unequaled power of Fire & Brimstone... Fiendish Foes is the must have expansion for any Tower Siege player!

Thaylenís Rogues
     - Altar of Power
     - Amulet of Resistance
     - Anti-Magic
     - Battle Chest
     - Battle Fog
     - Goblin Wizard
     - Kenium Coin
     - Ogre Warlock

     - Onx Stone
     - Orc Sorcerer
     - Marketplace Powerstone
     - Resist Magic
     - Ring of Skill
     - Scribe
     - Yardov

Join forces with Thaylenís Rogues... These rogue mages will do your bidding if the price is right! Ensnare your opponentís army in a deadly fog... Sacrifice minions on the Altar of Power for the cause and unlock the secrets of the Battle Chest!