Minion - Barbarian

Play Cost: 8 gold pieces

Usable Items: Weapons

Innate Ability: 2pp = Berserk +5 AL - The Barbarian will continue attacking the same Creature / Structure OT. This onslaught continues until he misses an attack or has been defeated.

Play Notes: When the Barbarian is in play on your turn, you can pay 2 power points and the Barbarian will go Berserk. His rage will allow him to continue attacking the same defender until one of the following happens: The Barbarian defeats his opponent, The Barbarian misses his attack or is defeated by a riposte.

This card is available in:

The Barbarian has a Skill Level of 40 or 45 while berserking. Equipping the Barbarian with any weapon will allow him a better chance to defeat any opponent he may come up against. Use a Marker to indicate when the Barbarian is berserking.